Welcome Back

Welcome back to our Farm Market ,
for the first day of the season I would like to share a few highlight :

Susan Saccardi is joining us again with Suzie’s Sweets and will be offering for this Saturday Apple pie, apple muffins, blueberry muffins, chocolate muffins, variety of cookies, carrot cake and some other delicacies.

Patty Bramley is new to the Market with Buck Mountain Herbs and will be collaborating with Margaret Tully who always brings us the most fabulous flower arrangements .This weekend she will be selling
4 inch potted herbs ready to plant in your garden or containers at $5.00 each (includes Sales Tax):
Parsley, Gigante d’Italia , Broadleaf Sage , Sweet Marjoram , Chives , Cilantro , English Thyme & Lemon Thyme.

Ridgway Farm will have Baby Greens-Lettuce, Mesclun Mix , Ramps & Maple Syrup , Bedding Plants : Impatiens, Pansies, Marigolds, Geraniums , Petunias and Tomato Plants.

Lost Ruby Farm will again have their fabulous Goat Cheeses : Fresh Chevre & Desert Chevre and aged Haystack & Ziggurat.

Hurlburt Farm will have their usual Beef and Maple Syrup which go together so well by marinating the meat in a concoction of Maple Syrup , Tamari Sauce , a dash of Cayenne , Black Pepper and a drop of Lemon Juice.

Carol Bonci’s , aka Cafe Lally , menu includes for this Saturday and many to come : Black Bean and Roasted Yam Burrito , Roasted Tomato & Shallot Squares , Arugula & Roasted Tomato Turnovers , Focaccia – Tomato Feta, Pear Gorgonzola, Kalamata Rosemary , Sesame Celtic Salt Rolls , Herb Rolls with Chevre and the famous Pane Paesanella.

Allison’s Love Heart’s Bakery will be offering her deletable Cinnamon Buns , slices of Quick Bread , Lemon Cake , Brownies , Breakfast Cookies and Ginger Cookies among other things.

Long Meadow Farm’s extensive list includes : eggs from their 100% pasture-raised laying hens
which are always brought to the market within 24 hours of laying, so they are as fresh as is possible.
The chickens are let out on pasture at 6:00 AM each day, and are outside until it gets dark and they are fed a locally mixed grain which supplements their foraging diet.
For the grill they offer: 100 % pasture-raised black angus beef, no grain ever ,Hot Dogs , Ground Beef , Steaks , Heritage breed pork Loin chops, Tenderloin ,Ribs, Maple breakfast saussage ,Hot saussage , Sweet saussage , Saucicces de Tolouse Ground pork.

The Cornwall Soap Co. will be joining our Market as well with their famous Beard Oil and other products.

Annike Timmermans’ with Expressions of Light will have fabulous jewelry to offer for Graduations and Weddings and will be adding Massages to her repertoire .

Birdseye Tannebrooks Farm will be present with their Lamb and Beef products

Mother House will be joining us next weekend as Margaret and Debra are singing in Bill Vitalis’ Memorial Service this Saturday.

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