This Weeks Update

Free Beef Dog Bones from Birdseye and Tanner Brooks Farm ( please mention that you have seen the post online).
Available also for purchase will be : Certified 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef , Short Ribs , Brisket , Cube Steaks , Sirloin , Chuck Steaks , Beef Liver , Tongue .
From the Lamb ( birth – one year of age) Leg of Lamb , Denver Style Lamb Ribs & ground Lamb .
Hogget ( domestic sheep one – two years of age ) Organ Meets , Hogget Shoulder , Ground Hogget .
Also available some Mutton ( domestic sheep two years and up of age ) items.
& of course sheep skins and fabulous wool .

From Carol Bonci you can expect the following :
Roasted Asparagus Pizza
Panino Melanzane
Focaccia – Tomato Feta, Pear Gorgonzola, Calamata Rosemary
Sesame Celtic Salt Rolls
Herb Rolls with Chevre
Pane Paesanella
Wheat -free Potato – Herb – Onion Brioche

Susan Saccardi is featuring among other baked goods this week Pies, Cookies, Muffins , Carrot Cake and Scones

Patty Bramley of Buck Mountain Farm will have the following 4 inch potted Herbs for sale :4 Basils; Sweet, Genevese, Lemon, Red Rubin – Calendula , Catnip , English Thyme, Lemon Thyme , Sweet Marjoram , French Tarragon & Potted containers

Long Meadow Farm’s selection will include fresh eggs straight from the farm – a promise about our eggs
– the eggs we bring to the market are never more then 24 hours old
-our laying hens are 100% pasture-raised; we open the doors in the early morning (approx. 6:00 AM) and they are outside until
it gets dark, or they want to come in for a rest, or to lay their eggs
– while outside they have the ability to forage for food; bugs, greens, anything they can find. I believe it is their foraging, combined
with the specially (and locally) mixed grain they are fed, which accounts for their special taste
100% grass-fed black angus beef (no grain)……hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks
heritage breed pork – loin chops, tenderloin, pork shoulder, ribs (whole or half racks), sausages, bacon etc

Most important are your Greens that Ridgway Farm will amply provide you with : Spinach , Sweet Baby Lettuce , Spicy Mixed Greens , Arugula , some Ramps , a Variety of Heads of Lettuce and Radishes .
For planting they will have bright pink and red Geraniums , Impatience , Pansies , Petunias , Marigolds and Tomato plants.+ Maple Syrup of course

Our other Vendors whose products are listed in previous postings include Lost Ruby Farm Goat Cheeses,
Mother House with Bantam Bread , Sprout Creek Farm Cheeses and other hand made products, Expressions of Light hand crafted Jewelry and by same Hands the Offering for a delightful Chair Massage , The Cornwall Soap Company with Beard oil among their other body care items , Jennifer Markow with Strings & Stones of Cornwall , hand made Jewelry and Bags , Hurlburt Farm & Forestry Beef and Maple Syrup , Love Hearts Bakery Ginger cookies, Quick breads , Cinnamon Buns , Brownies and more

See you all at The Cornwall Farm Market this Weekend,
Bianca & Richard

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