Sugar snaps are here !

Ridgway Farm will have its first sugar snaps of the season . Come and snap ‘m up!

Also available will be broccoli , garlic scapes , salad greens , spicy Asian mix , arugula , head lettuce , radishes , beets , cabbage , organic strawberries , delightfully bright petunias and other bedding plants.

More Strawberries will be available from Sam Marino who joined our market last weekend , as well as lettuce and he is offering a real teat of strawberry shortbread with whipped cream, 2nd breakfast ?

Sue Saccardi’s daughter Dana will be offering lemonade and iced tea.

And of course the Sue Saccardi / Jennifer Markow team will be there with the widest array of delectable baked goods,cookies , pies , quiches , muffins , bread ……. the array is infinite. Pre order if you wish.

Also available are delightful flower bouquets by Margaret Tully which you can also pre order via this site, savory baked goods by Carol Bonci such as focaccias , bread and salt rolls  , Beef by Hurlburt Farm and Forestry , Herbs by Buck Mountain Farm and handcrafted soaps by CJ Burke of Housatonic Hairworks.

Come visit , enjoy the bounty !

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