Strawberries Are Here!

june1This week available at the Ridgway Farm Stand fresh organic strawberries the first of their season as well as all the lettuce and leafy greens to ensure a healthy diet.

Nunwell Glass will have brand new ‘Beltie’ bowls to match their ‘Beltie’ (formerly called Corona) tumblers!

june2Otherwise you will find the same delicious array from Carol Bonci’s savory baked goods , delicious croissants , quiches & pastries from the Cornwall Country Market as well as their obligatory Saturday morning coffee , and the fantastic cakes , cookies , muffins scones and buns from Love Heart’s Bakery.

Indulge in a beautiful floral bouquet byMargaret Tully , get some lovely cheese fromSprout Creek Farm to accompany fabulous Bantam Bread and savor the array of meat offerings from various local Farms where the animals roam free and happy , munching on free and happy grass making you feel free and happy!!!
Don’t forget free and happily laid eggs from Long Meadow Farm.

The last part just my philosophical observation.
Hope to see you all at the Farm Market

P.S. Nick the Knife will be back for all you sharpening needs



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