Market in Full Swing

july1As the Summer season is coming into full swing so is Ridgway Farm with a huge variety of vegies , potatoes , green beans, asian eggplant , summer squashes , cucumbers ,garlic , basil , sweet onions, a small amount of tomatoes ( so get to the market early),blueberries , and all the greens you can imagine , lots of lettuce , mix heads in a variety of kinds , kale and all their friends. Also available are flowers those colorful snapdragons sure to bring summer inside as well.

In just as many colors Nunwell Glass has vases in several sizes, shapes & colors for all those beautiful summer flowers. Also, colorful drinking glasses & bowls to match. They are all one of a kind made right here in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut!!!

Long Meadow Farm‘s offerings for this week include their organically grown greens – lettuce, kale & fennel and for the barbecue:hot dogs – from their black angus cows – 100$ grass-fed (no grain ever) – all beef, no additives, natural casing, ground beef, ground pork,sausages (hot, sweet, saucices), loin pork chops,steaks of all varieties, pork ribs,ground veal (from Cream Hill Veal) – to mix with the beef and/or the pork . Let’s not forget eggs and all the other fabulous products he brings to our Market!

As always , support your genuine vendors and their mission for a locally sustainable economy.
To quote Foodmatters.TV ” True Healthcare Reform starts in your Kitchen not in Washington!”

Hope to see you all at the Market ,
Best Wishes
Bianca & Richard

P.S. don’t forget it is also Paint the Bridge Day , celebrating the 150 year anniversary of the completion of the West Cornwall Covered Bridge. You may join by painting , sculpting photographing the bridge from the morning hours on , your artwork to be handed in by 2 pm at the Cornwall Bridge Pottery. If you have a rendering of the Bridge completed prior to Saturday you may as well had it in, again no later than 2 pm.
Or just join us for a celebration and artist reception at the Cornwall Bridge Pottery from 3-6pm. Artwork can be for sale 70% to the artist 30% to the West Cornwall Village Improvement Association.
Hope to see many of you there!

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