Late Summer Fun

As we are approaching the late summer growing season that will see us of into a colorful fall we have just as colorful veggies and other products available.

sept11Ridgway Farm this week will have plenty of Greens: lettuce, asian greens/mustard, watercress, kale, chard, arugula, and a nice supply of winter squash, leeks , carrots, cukes, peppers, onions, melons, beans, plenty of tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, yellow beans, Soy Beans, flowers, Corn, Eggplant, Garlic, radishes.
Enough fall crops to carry them through October as Gordon reports .

Though not eddible Nunwell Glass will have lots of glass pumpkins! Glorious decorations for the Halloween and Thanksgiving season.

Love Hearts Bakery’s Apple galletes will be making their return this Saturday!

Motherhouse will have still slightly hot-off-the-press, USA made-and-grown, organic cotton Local Farm cow and local veggie T-shirts designed by Debra Tyler and screen-printed by Al DeGreenia’s Tech-style Graphics. Also, all natural and organic whole grain, sour-dough breads from Bantam Bread and Sprout Creek Farm cheese made with raw milk from grass-fed, organically-managed cows. Get ready for fall cleaning with a Kitchenette broom from Green-Up, IL and stock up on our own-made Milk and Honey soap and Calendula Salve.

Sample the various meats of our local growers. Preorder chicken from Long Meadow Farm , enjoy Mutton sausage from Birdseye Tanner Brooks Farm .
Available from them as well as Hurlburt Farm & Forestry is fabulous beef.

And get your weekly Baked Goods fix with Carol Bonci AKA Cafe Lally.

See you all at the Cornwall Farm Market,
Bianca & Richard

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