Farm Market 7.23.

This Saturday Susan Saccardi will be offering aside from all her other delectable baked goods all things Blueberry :Blueberry scones , muffins , pies and Blueberry lemon cake.

While Ridgway Farm just announced the beginning of Tomato Season they also will have Beans , Basil , Beets , Blueberries , Broccoli , Carrots , Cucumber , Garlic , Kale ,Onions ,  Peas , Potatoes ( Fingerling and others) , Radishes , Salad greens (baby lettuce, head lettuce, spicy mix) , Sugar snap peas , Summer Squash ,Swiss Chard , Potted geraniums , Cut flowers , snap dragons & zinnias , Sunflowers , Maple syrup , Rebecca’s farm note cards 

Stay tuned for some additions to this post perhaps!


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