Farm fresh Abundance

As we are moving through the summer the offerings of fruit and produce are brimming with abundance.

Larry Stevens will have his Silver King and a multi colored variety of corn available at the Farm Market this weekend.

Ridgway Farm’s table is spilling over with tasty tomatoes, luscious eggplants , onions , spicy watercress and arugula, many mixed greens varieties , lettuce ,tart peppers ,sweet carrots , beets , zucchini , beans , tasty garlic , yummy fingerling potatoes , sugary peaches , crunchy corn and other seasonal surprises and of course eggs and  maple syrup.

Patty Bramley of Buck Mountain herbs is offering these days a variety of herb mixes , mini herbal bouquets , hand crafted catnip fish to delight your fury feline , sure to make their eyes twirl to the back of their head , herbal teas and always some great herbal gourmet inspirations.

Strawberries , cucumbers and onions are being offered by the Marino Family of Cornwall Hollow, as well as their pickles.

Longmeadow Farm’s offering are extensive , from butter , cheese , their free range eggs , beef , pork , chicken , condiments , honey ,peaches, granola , some seasonal greens to name a few . Certainly a place to round up your shopping list.

Birdseye Tanner Brooks Farm offers their truly certified grass fed beef , tasty lamb and mild mild mutton products, sheep skins and yarn , local eggs from the Bean’s .

Though not with us this Saturday ( 8/29 ) due to haying season madness Hurlburt Farm offers aside from their of pure sunshine tasting meat their maple syrup.

Local Farm’s offerings include Sprout Creek Farm Cheese , nutritious Bantam Bread , soaps , calendula salve, T-shirts and mooore.

Lost Ruby Farm will be with us this weekend again and every other weekend with their fabulous goat cheeses.

Carol Bonci’s tomato feta , roasted pear & calamata rosemary focaccia , pizza , sesame celtic salt roll, pane paesanella and all her other creations should be on top of your shopping list.

As well as the fabulous baked goods by Susan Saccardi and Love Heart’s Bakery. Treat yourself! also with the abundance of Flowers from Margaret Tully and the Ridgway’s.

And to wash up and keep up appearances Cornwall Soap Co. they’ll  keep you clean and groomed !

Ad a little sparkle with creations by Annike Timmerman’s Expressions of Light Jewelry!

See you at the Market ,

Bianca & Richard


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