Stay tuned for some exciting changes


Some of you may have observed the discussion about the Future of the Cornwall Farm Market .

We will be back in its current location with a different mix of vendors to maintain the economic viability of the West Cornwall Commercial  Center , serve area farmers and artisans and enhance and foster community.

Information will also be put forth on our Facebook page Cornwall Farm Market.

See you in the Spring

For one last Hurray!

for this season the Farm Market will be held tomorrow Saturday October 22. on the Wish House Lawn.
Thank you for your patronage and see you back next year !
On October 29. some of the vendors can be found at the Green Energy Fair at CCS while Carol Bonci Aka Café Lally can be found in front of the Wish House.

Author event at the Market 9/24

with Keith Snyder from 10 – 12:30
Author of the Jason Keltner mysteries from Walker & Co. in the 2000s, Keith Snyder is editor/publisher of the RIDE series of short fiction about bicycles. Originally from Los Angeles, he moved to Connecticut from New York City in 2014 with his two children.
Also Ridgway Farm this weekend promises a good supply of heirloom tomatoes , leeks , winter squash and Brussels sprouts.

Peak of the growing season

….. at the height of the season Ridgway Farm will be offering six varieties of tomatoes , two types of melons , two different beans , corn , onions , potatoes , greens , summer quash , eggplant ,gorgeous flowers and more.

Our young farmer Sam Marino will again be offering his fantastic strawberries and raspberries as well a fingerling potatoes , pickles , cucumbers , zucchini , beans , tomatoes, zinias and gorgeous dahlias. Perhaps there might be a few surprises.

Susan Saccardi will be back in full force with the addition of apple pie and molasses cake.

Buck Mountain Herbs will be offering;

Zen Herbal and Zen Herbal Green Tea: Calming loose leaf tea with Chamomile, Red Raspberry, Anise Hyssop, Lavender and Cinnamon. $7.50 a tin

Mellow Mint Tea – with and without Green tea: Spearmint, Lemon Thyme, Chamomile and more. $7.50 a tin
Tuscan Seasoning: All herbs, no salt $9.00
Herbes de Provence: All herbs, no salt $9.00
Patty’s Parsley Seasoning $9.00
Lemony Garlic Culinary Salt and Savory Sage Culinary Salt $8.00
Cut your own sprigs of Lemon Verbena, Lemon Grass, Rosemary and Mint

As a centerpiece for your holiday pick nick keep in mind Margaret Tully’s exceptional floral arrangement , savory baked goods and if you are a hardy carnivore Hurlburt Farm’s beef is a delightful must !

See you at the Market !

Richard & Bianka

P.S. Sally Cook will be signing her newest release How to Speak Football  . Hopefully that will descramble that to most of us weird lingo for ever ; )

Vegies are in Season

Ridgeway farm will have this Saturday:  lots of lovely tomatoes:  cherries, heirloom: Cherokee Purple, Black Crim, Pink, Red & Yellow brandywine, traditional reds:  Beef Stake, Jet Star, rose and paste tomatoes ~ blueberries ~ sunflowers ~ snapdragons ~ zinnias ~ onions ~ summer squash and zucchini ~ carrots ~ beets ~ salad greens (baby lettuce, head lettuce, spicy mix) ~ radishes ~ garlic ~ kale ~Swiss chard ~ green beans ~ yellow wax beans ~cut flowers ~ maple syrup ~Rebecca’s farm note cards

Please do peruse the great vegies that our youngest Farmer Sam Marino brings to the Market always sparkly fresh, as well as the tasty garlic and shallots from Possum Hill Farm, Hurlburt Beef and Maple Syrup , Suzie’s Sweets , beautifully scented handcrafted soaps by CJ Burke and fabulous savory baked goods by Carol Bonci.

See you all at the Market,

; )


Farm Market 7.23.

This Saturday Susan Saccardi will be offering aside from all her other delectable baked goods all things Blueberry :Blueberry scones , muffins , pies and Blueberry lemon cake.

While Ridgway Farm just announced the beginning of Tomato Season they also will have Beans , Basil , Beets , Blueberries , Broccoli , Carrots , Cucumber , Garlic , Kale ,Onions ,  Peas , Potatoes ( Fingerling and others) , Radishes , Salad greens (baby lettuce, head lettuce, spicy mix) , Sugar snap peas , Summer Squash ,Swiss Chard , Potted geraniums , Cut flowers , snap dragons & zinnias , Sunflowers , Maple syrup , Rebecca’s farm note cards 

Stay tuned for some additions to this post perhaps!