Allison Barker-Croce
Love Heart's Bakery

( Web link)
sweet indulgences, cookies, cakes and more

Birdseye Tanner Brooks Farms
( Web link)
lamb,beef,sheep skins,wool

Carol Bonci
aka Cafe Lally

baguette, pizza,other savory baked goods, vegetarian

Cornwall Country Market
(Web link)

Hurlburt Farm & Forestry

beef & maple syrup

Larry Stevens
Cream Hill
corn and other summer vegetables

Long Meadow Farm

(Web link)
lamb, dairy, cheese, condiments and so much more

Lost Ruby Farm
goat cheese & eggs

Margaret Tully

Mother House
(Web link)
Bantam Bread, Sprout , Creek Farm, cheese, corn brooms and ot her artisanal products

Nick the Knife
knife & scissor sharpening

North Star Botanicals (Web Link)
natural body care

Nunwell Glass
(Web link)

Ridgway Farm
seasonal vegetables and fruits & plants

All of us at the Cornwall Farm Market would like to thank the Cornwall Foundation in collaboration with the Cornwall Association for their generous support of the Market with a $ 1,500 grant which will help to cover cost for insurance and publicity.

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July 17

Show your support of local endeavors with hot-off-the-press, USA grown and made organic cotton T-shirts - Local Farm cow and vegetable mandala designs by Debra Tyler, printed by Al Degreenia in Torrington, available through Motherhouse for only $15.

Also, HEARTy whole grain organic sourdough breads from Bantam Bread and MOOrvelous organic raw milk cheese from Sprout Creek Farm.

Please support all our fabulous farmers and artisans.
Best Wishes,

July 11th

This week Birdseye Tanner Brooks Farm is offering a whole new shipment of sheep skins , some lovely white ones amongst them . On the food end their offerings include hot , sweet and chorizo mutton sausage which I have to let you know is not your Grandmas mutton but a very young mild tasting one . Also available lots of grass fed grass finished beef liver as well as lamb livers , kidneys and hearts for the adventurous amongst you. And for man's/women's best furry fluffy friend dog bones.

Ridgway Farm is in full swing with lots of vegetables, beets , basil ,broccoli , carrots , cucumbers, cabbage , collard greens , green greens , lots of various lettuce , garlic scapes , summer squash , spring onions , sugar snap peas , radishes and I am sure I may have omitted but surprises are always welcome!

Long Meadow Farm will be there with their amazing array of dairy and other products from farms and producers in the tri state area aside from their own 100% grass fed lamb , beef ,pork and chickens that just get the best to be the best and produce the best eggs.

Visit Mother House and their offerings of Bantam Bread and Sprout Creek Farm cheese, Carol Bonci's seemingly endless ,though quick to sell out array op par baked pizzas , focaccias , salty rolls , Pene Paesano . For the sweet tooth indulge in Allison Barker's cakes , cookies, scones, brownies, muffins.........

And always be ready for surprises......


Best Wishes,


June 26, 2014
The Hurlburt's animals frolicking in their North Cornwall pasture , far of the beaten path. Happy animals , happy hormones, happy consumers!cows

Know where your food comes from, support your local farmers and artisanal food producers at the Cornwall Farm Market. Always fresh, always something new.

Ridgway Farm this week will have a good amount of snap peas, broccoli ,beets, green garlic to add to strawberries and salad makings , good week for Cornwall grown!
Come and indulge!!!


June 19, 2014

This week available at the Ridgway Farm Stand fresh organic strawberries the first of their season as well as all the lettuce and leafy greens to ensure a healthy diet.

Nunwell Glass will have brand new 'Beltie' bowls to match their 'Beltie' (formerly called Corona) tumblers!

Otherwise you will find the same delicious array from Carol Bonci's savory baked goods , delicious croissants , quiches & pastries from the Cornwall Country Market as well as their obligatory Saturday morning coffee , and the fantastic cakes , cookies , muffins scones and buns from Love Heart's Bakery.

Indulge in a beautiful floral bouquet by Margaret Tully , get some lovely cheese from Sprout Creek Farm to accompany fabulous Bantam Bread and savor the array of meat offerings from various local Farms where the animals roam free and happy , munching on free and happy grass making you feel free and happy!!!
Don't forget free and happily laid eggs from Long Meadow Farm.

The last part just my philosophical observation.
Hope to see you all at the Farm Market

P.S. Nick the Knife will be back for all you sharpening needs